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WhatIsMyIP - 2.0 WhatIsMyIP 2.0

By spiderip (Freeware)

Small windows application to show Public IP address with Hostname and Proxy.Shows Local IP Address ,Hostname ,MAC Address .

A nice Balloon style hint will also display when your IP address has changed or internet lost. A log is also kept of all past IP changes .so you can look back and see your IP and internet connection downtimes.

This Application will work quietly in your Windows system tray while click minimize or close button.Settings page is available to set the refresh time for checking IP and the minimum interval is 1 minute.

An Export Button available to export all Details to notepad.Freeware,ad free and no installation required.

Minimum system requirement is Microsoft Dotnet Framework 4.0 .

Title : WhatIsMyIP2.0
Filename : MyIP.exe
File size : 228.3516k
Requirements : Microsoft Dotnet Framework 4.0.
Languages : English
License : Freeware
Date added : 2015-03-19
Author : spiderip

1.Minimize To Tray

2.Alert If IP Change or No internet Access

3.IP History Page 4.Help Page 4.major Code Changes

WhatIsMyIP Screenshots

WhatIsMyIP . 2.0 WhatIsMyIP . 2.0 WhatIsMyIP . 2.0